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Friday June 2nd 2023

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22 Immigrants Lost at Sea, 38 Survivors

The Greek Coastguard rescued 38 people, but at least twenty-two people (22 women were found dead, six men, three boys and one girl) drowned after two boats carrying illegal immigrants from Somalia and Eritrea capsized in the Aegean Sea. They were aboard a couple of dinghies. Two air force helicopters, assisted by two coastguard vessels, one navy warship and a cruise liner assisted.

The parents of a 2 year old boy seem to be among the dead.

The boats capsized around four nautical miles from the Greek island of Samos, close to the Turkish coast.

The Greek Aegean and Marine Minister said that “modern “smugglers” continue to “get rich” by endangering thousands of lives whom they board them during night in small and inappropriate boats on the Aegean sea.”