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Tuesday December 18th 2018


3 Killed, 32 Injured in Serbia Bus Crash 3 Killed, 32 Injured in »

A bus overturned on a highway near the town of Leskovac in Serbia, on December 16th. Three people were [...]

Tour Bus Crashes in Switzerland; 1 Dead, 44 Injured Tour Bus Crashes in »

A tour bus skidded off a snowy highway and crashed into a wall near Zurich, Switzerland, on December [...]

Bus Crashes in Jammu and Kashmir; 13 Dead, At Least 15 Injured Bus Crashes in Jammu and »

A bus plunged into a deep gorge in Jammu and Kashmir, India, on December 8th. The accident happened in [...]

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Pipeline blows in Texas »

Pipeline blows in Texas

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the Feb. 23, 2018, natural-gas related house explosion in Dallas. The natural-gas fueled [Read More]


Multiple Vehicles Crash on Interstate-88 in New York; Several Injured Multiple Vehicles »

An accident involving 15 vehicles including tractor-trailers, tour bus and an SUV [...]

Stolen Car Collides with Septa trolley Stolen Car Collides »

Thirty people were injured when two teens stole a Hyundai Tucson and rammed the Route 36 [...]

Car Crashed into SEPTA Trolley Bus in Philadelphia; 1 Killed, 20 Injured Car Crashed into »

A car rear-ended a Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) trolley bus [...]


Ferry Capsizes in Tanzania; At Least 86 Dead

Ferry Capsizes in Tanzania; At Least 86 Dead

A ferry capsized in Lake Victoria, Tanzania, on September 20th. The accident happened near the dock in the Ukerewe district of Tanzania. At least eighty-six people were killed in the accident. Authorities fear that the final death toll could be over two hundred.

Over 160 Die as Migrant Boat Sank Off Egyptian Coast

Over 160 Die as Migrant Boat Sank Off Egyptian Coast

A boat carrying migrants capsized 8 miles off Egyptian coast on September 21st. The incident happened when the boat was transporting hundreds of migrants of several nationalities to Italy. More than 160 dead bodies were recovered from the waters. The incident is being investigated.

Point Reyes Landmark Ship Burned to a Crisp

Point Reyes Landmark Ship Burned to a Crisp

The Point Reyes shipwreck is a shipwrecked fishing boat which is a local landmark. A photographer made a photo-painting of the landmark using light from burning steel wool sparks. One of these ignited the boat, and now it is a burned shipwreck. Firefighters arrived to late to do much. The time lapse video below is "before."

26 Killed as Ferry Capsized in Zambia

26 Killed as Ferry Capsized in Zambia

A ferry, taking parents and school children for a national celebration, overturned in Zambia on October 25. According to the authorities, the school children and their parents were on their way to another school across the Lake Kariba for participating in the 50th anniversary celebrations of the independence from Britain. Atleast 26 people, [...]

Capsized Ferry in Bangladesh

Capsized Ferry in Bangladesh

The M.V. Pinak (AKA Pinak-6) ferry was crossing the River Padma in Munshigann and capsized with up to 250 passengers at about 11:00 am on Monday August 4. The accident occurred between the Kawrakandi ferry terminal and the Mawa ferry terminal. Some of the passengers may have survived. Emergency workers and army teams are on the scene, as well [...]

22 Immigrants Lost at Sea, 38 Survivors

22 Immigrants Lost at Sea, 38 Survivors

The Greek Coastguard rescued 38 people, but at least twenty-two people (22 women were found dead, six men, three boys and one girl) drowned after two boats carrying illegal immigrants from Somalia and Eritrea capsized in the Aegean Sea. They were aboard a couple of dinghies. Two air force helicopters, assisted by two coastguard vessels, one navy [...]